Catholic Family Conference

Here is a photo of our booth today from the Catholic Family Conference at the Ontario (California) Convention Center. We took turns showing a wonderful slideshow of St Mary of the Angels, Hollywood, as well as and a video of our first Evensong at Blessed John Henry Newman Society in Orange County on the television; we passed out tons of information about all the Southern California Ordinariate groups; and we talked to many many people, most of which had only heard little highlights about Anglicans coming into the Catholic Church.

We were able to make many connections and explain to people who we are and what we're about. Much confusion abounds on the Catholic side of the Tiber, just as it does on the Anglican, but the confusion is about different issues.

Many who stopped by know former and current Anglicans and said they'd pass on our information, but hopefully we were able to reach out and introduce ourselves to our new wider family in the Southern California area.

I encourage all other Anglican Use societies and Anglican parishes coming into the Ordinariate to look for similar opportunities in your area to make connections to the wider Catholic community, as many (most?) do not know who we are but are excited and very supportive once they learn! It is also a good way to reach out to those of an Anglican background who've become disconnected with their heritage but who may be eager to attend an Ordinariate parish once they learn about us.


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