Walsingham Society: A New College for the Ordinariate

I would like to direct readers to the Walsingham Society (no, not an Anglican Use society forming into a new parish for the Ordinariate--confusing I know!). The Walsingham Society is an educational society that is forming into a new college for the Ordinariate.

It currently conducts lectures and musical performances in Dallas while gathering up interest, finances and accreditation as a credit-conferring institution of higher learning. I encourage everyone interested in the greats, fine music and higher learning in the Oxford tradition that formed Bl. John Henry Newman and so many of our Anglican and Catholic forefathers, to seek out this new group and get involved.

The long-term goal is not only to eventually offer a full four-year undergraduate program, but also to provide philosophical, historical and theological supplements to the Ordinariate for the formation of ordinands before and during seminary.

It is in its early stages right now, but it has a lot of momentum and potential. Please spread the word about this and if you're in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area or visiting, please stop by for a visit!


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