Old London and The Hopeful Future

The City of London itself, not being anything directly related to the Anglican patrimony per se, is of course dear to all Anglicans. And the desire for a return to things classic, of substance, and real beauty is indeed at the center of the patrimony. So in that light, I'd like to highlight two architectural pieces from London of my grandparents generation: 1940s and even further back in 1927.  These come from How to be a Retronaught.

1940s London in Stunning High Resolution Colour

(This photo and more found here.)

The Open Road London (1927) (no sound)

But Deacon Keyes sent this wonderful glimmer of hope also coming out of London. It's really amazing that in Britain's modern architectural establishment Classicism would be making a comeback (even though most of the general populace has largely hated Modernism).

 (Read Something to Love Among the Ruins, by David Watkin)


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