The Battle of the Generations

Many people have shared their disgust over Damian Thompson's announcement that this structure (whatever it may be called) will be where Pope Benedict XVI beatifies John Henry Newman:

(Artist's conception of FutureMass® 2010.)

Whatever. The Trendies are waning. But yesterday it was announced that His Holiness is going to celebrate "the Prefaces and Canons of all his Masses in Latin, 'to emphasise the universality of the faith and the continuity of the Church.'"

Imagine the FutureMass® led by the Trendies being interrupted by the Pope saying the Latin Preface and Gregorian Canon?! If this isn't the epitome of generational warfare I don't know what is. Baby Boomers Vs. Everyone Else.

Trendy Mass of the Boomer generation:

(Religious Suicide)

The Old and (now) New Mass:

(Deo grĂ¡tias)


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