A New Chapel

My Ordinariate community, The Society of Saint Gregory the Great, has been worshiping in a side chapel at our host church, St. Mary Parish, in Mobile, AL.  For our worship we resurrected a side chapel that had been turned into a shrine.  This has given us a very workable worship setting, but a very French looking setting.

While many an Anglo Catholic parish has looked like this due to a Ritual Notes emphasis on the liturgy, I would much prefer and English looking setting drawn from the Parson's Handbook school of Anglo Catholicism.

This dream may come to fruition, as out group has been given a new worship space.  An adjoining building, named after Mother Seton and a former convent, was recently given to the parish.  Inside this building there is a chapel, although it has been used as a meeting room for the past decade.  This chapel will now be exclusively used for our worship, and this will also allow us to finally have Sunday morning services.

As you can see, much work is needed to turn this back into a chapel, but the area for the chancel is there along with a sacristy in the next room with a working sacrarium.  We have already moved most of the junk out of the room, and we are about to paint next weekend.

Our altar and altar rail will be wood and we plan on using tapestries around the chapel to give it a more English look.  Stay tuned for updates!


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