Sisters of the Sacred Cross

UPDATE: In the post below, I made a few mistakes that require clarification. Their Superior, Mother Wendy James, SSC, writes that the sisters are not technically nuns, as they are a dispersed Community of married and single women under the appropriate Vows and living in our own homes. And they are actually present in four countries - Canada, the USA, Australia and England. Also, I mentioned that the Sisters were all Ordinariate-bound, but in fact, they have made no decision in terms of seeking to become a recognized Community of the Ordinariate(s); decisions like this are made by their governing body, being those who comprise their voting body of Professed Sisters at their General Chapter.

Mother Wendy hopes to write in to tell us more about the Community and its founding and history. Stay tuned!

At Bl. John's, we are honored and priviledged to have Sr. Carol Therese worship with us and help us build a new parish community for the Ordinariate in Orange County. But Sr. Carol's order, Servants of the Sacred Cross, have sisters in the US, Canada and Australia and the entire community is coming into the Ordinariates in those countries! We've read about the receptions in Victoria and elsewhere, but so far, no publicity has been given to these sisters.

Here are some photos of their Superior, Mother Wendy James, SSC, at her reception in Victoria. Please keep these nuns in your prayers as they discover ways to work within the Ordinariates and transfer their unique gifts and talents to further the Catholic faith and the Anglican patrimony!

More photos are at the Bl. John Henry Newman Fellowship (Victoria) website.


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