No doubt you've noticed the new template design for Anglican Patrimony. It is a simple design, but hopefully rather clean and user-friendly. In addition to this change, the pastors of St. John the Evangelist, Calgary and Mount Calvary, Baltimore will be joining me in contributing. Both parishes have been received into the Catholic Church, and Mount Calvary's reception last week makes it the first parish to be received into the Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of St. Peter (excepting Our Lady of Walsingham, Houston of course, which was designated the principle church upon the establishment). St. John's Calgary should be made a parish of the Ordinariate shortly. Father Catania and Father Kenyon will make great additions here!

Also I should note that for the foreseeable future, Anglican Patrimony will not be having comments following the posts, due to the abuse of the system by a tiny few. There are both upsides and downsides to blogs, and sadly the downsides can ruin it for everyone. Blogs have the amazing potential to be a unifying force, as we all have seen during this time of forming the Ordinariates. However, they can turn into places where unhealthy destruction presides when people post unnecessarily unkind and ruinous gossip and sometimes just crude and filthy language. This is a time when positive and constructive action is required, and that is something Anglican Patrimony has always tried to promote. During this time of formation of not just the Ordinariate, but also of the clergy who will serve it, it is imperative that the purpose and trajectory of Anglican Patrimony in avoiding the scandalous and promoting the positive continue. But enough housekeeping. We continue on promoting the Catholic faith, the best of Anglican patrimony, and the unity Christ calls us all, in our own particular manner and humo(u)r.

For the style, please see the above video of Fr Steenson receiving Mount Calvary, Baltimore, into the Church last Sunday. This, believe it or not, is the Book of Divine Worship. Bam! The rubrics allow quite the breadth of ritual and options to best fit both a parish's culture and abilities. As Fr Steenson said the other day, there will be a freedom and comprehensiveness allowed in the Ordinariate on this front, as we all confess the same faith and morals and will not be able to fall into the pitfalls of the "comprehensiveness" of our former days. This breadth maintains our journey to sainthood and our Anglican patrimony within the Church, but also allows for the evangelism of our local culture and for the practicalities of our parishes and groups. A newly established Ordinariate group in the Deep South with little resources cannot be expected to have the exact same Mass along the lines of Mount Calvary, for example. But it certainly could get there one day, maybe not using Fortescue but perhaps - and I say this realistically though it personally pains me :) - Dearmer.

And for the humo(u)r, Ordinariate parishes must not become liturgical museum pieces and must recognize that becoming saints and giving God the best worship we can is the point of liturgy. This must lead to evangelism of others as well. That's not the funny part. The funny part is God is calling the likes of me to serve in this. And apparantly my fifteen month old daughter is the Ordinariate mascot. Felix Margarita de coetibus... Margaritas, while not Gin Martinis, are certainly a Texan twist on an old theme, just like the Anglican Use of the Roman Rite!

I can see it now: future Ordinariate former alcoytes making pilgrimages to the Balinese Room, remembering stories from their youth of bonding with Fr So-and-so while he was drinking a margarita after another successful BDW Corpus Christi. The future is bright!

(The Homily Fr Steenson gave last week at Mount Calvary's reception is here, and the Evensong that Sunday evening is here.)


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