St. Timothy's, Ft. Worth

A typical Mass at St. Timothy's, Ft. Worth

At long last I can break the silence and announce the good news that my long-time friend, Father Christopher Stainbrook, and his parish of St. Timothy's in Fort Worth are desiring to enter into full communion with the Catholic Church through the forthcoming Ordinariate!

Today Father Stainbrook sent out an email making this public and directing our attention to this article on the Ft. Worth Episcopal (ACNA) Diocese's website.

Father Stainbrook was my old Father Confessor when I lived in Ft. Worth and was preparing to go to seminary. He was a constant friend and advisor during my time in seminary and remained a good friend even after I moved to Los Angeles. A really good friend of mine serves on their bishop's committee (vestry) too. St. Timothy's is where I was first exposed to the Missal Mass and the fullness of the Catholic Religion. It has formed many good priests and has always had a faithful gathering of laity, for most of whom the Ordinariate move is a no-brainer.

Fr. Christopher Stainbrook with last January's First Communion class

Please pray for this little parish that God will bless it's ministry as the first Ordinariate parish inside the Ft. Worth city limits! Be sure to read the letter composed by both Fr. Stainbrook and Bishop Jack Iker, my former bishop, who has been charitable and understanding throughout this time.


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