Corpus Christi

(Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament at St. Timothy's, Ft. Worth)

There are many good articles floating around on the web about Corpus Christi today (i.e, here and here) but I personally find this feast to be best used (if one may "use" a feast!) as a time of beautiful meditation and reflection: just to sit in the Presence of Our Lord and pray and quiet the heart and mind, and even perhaps receive wisdom and experience the divine love our Saviour has towards us, and we towards him. I generally find sermons on this feast day to be most beneficial when they direct our meditations towards God in this manner and then to leave us be to do just that. Any more than that tends to cheapen or distract from the feast day itself.

The New Liturgical Movement draws our attention to the splendid music of the Oxford Ordinariate group's Evensong and Benediction, particularly to the hymn, Adoremus in aeternum:

This is Anglican patrimony par excellence! Check out the UKOrdinariate channel for more fine examples of Anglican choral music.


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