On the Ground: Sevenoaks Ordinariate Group

Anglicans who chose to 'go home' to Rome
by Trevor Timpson

"I always thought, 'The Roman Catholic Church - that is the Church.' So when this opportunity arose, after a couple of weeks of thinking very deeply about it, I thought, 'Yes, yes, I'll go home.'"

So says Ann Vaughan, one of a group of 40 from the parish of St John the Baptist in Sevenoaks, Kent, who are leaving the Church of England to join the Roman Catholic Ordinariate for ex-Anglicans.

The group, headed by their vicar, Father Ivan Aquilina, plan to celebrate the Eucharist in the Anglican Church for the last time on Sunday.

After that, they will attend the town's Roman Catholic church, St Thomas of Canterbury.

Read the whole article here. And check out the Sevenoaks Ordinariate Group's blogsite here.


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