Notice Anything?

Many congratuations to the three Fathers of the English Ordinariate! They've become monsignors (see today's news update). But one picture struck a chord in my Anglo-Catholic heart. Anything surprising about Msgr Newton's choir dress?

Yes, you've got it: he's continuing to wear his episcopal pectoral cross worn by Anglican bishops in the Society of the Holy Cross (SSC). This is one of the things I'm wondering about. Will the Ordinariates allow the SSC to florish within them? Will the SSC allow its members to be a part of the Ordinariates? To those of us who see the Ordinariates as the conclusion and fulfillment of the Oxford Movement on an ecclesial level, it makes a good deal of sense, does it not?

'No desertion, no surrender!'

Speaking of the SSC, I'm happy to see Fr Jones back at the keyboard.


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