New Ecclesiology or Old Confusion?

There's been floating around for some time now some notion that Anglicanorum Coetibus presents some kind of new ecclesiology. This confusion has abounded in the TAC and I'm sure among other Anglicans considering the Holy Father's Prophetic Project. But what is this confusion exactly?

Besides many differing details - where, of course Satan is thought to reside - the overarching 'thing' that composes this new ecclesiological mirage, is the misunderstood version of "in communion but not absorption." Or, to confuse things further, to be Catholic but not Roman Catholic.

This idea was floated about in the original petition at Portsmouth back in 2007. But then the documents in response (yes, it was a response to the TAC as well as other Anglicans who'd privately asked) - Anglicanorum Coetibus and its Complementary Norms - clarified those details. But what it proposed for us was not anything contradicting either the ecclesiology put forth in Vatican II (or its subset school of communio ecclesiology) nor did it contradict pre-existing Canon Law. It did add a new jurisdiction to the Catholic Church - under the umbrella of the Roman Rite (i.e., the Roman Catholic Church) but in the Anglican Use.

This is how we are to be in communion but not absorbed. But the phantasy that the TAC (or pick your favorite jurisdiction) would itself, with no changes, just all of a sudden be 'in communion' with Rome is about as believable and coherent as the concept of Anglicanism.

Is it any wonder that the clerics who believed this phantasy back then (and have been found incorrect) are now touting the glories of Anglicanism?


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