The Roamin' Catholic

From Dom Gregory Dix, to Southern Catholicism, to S. Silas' Kentish Town, the blog called The Roamin' Catholic has it all! This blog is run by one of my parishioners who travels around the world in a band.

This is definitely a site worth checking out regularly. Add it to your RSS feeds! This definitely is in line with the Holy Father's vision of Anglican patrimony, the Reform-of-the-Reform, and the Hermeneutic of Continuity:
But the modern guitar and keyboard setting chosen for the Mass was so unfortunate. It’s so funny that I left the evangelical church in part to escape bad sentimental worship and then you have the Catholic Church copying that same awkward pseudo-60’s cheese when there is a storehouse of the world’s greatest music at their disposal. And the funny part is that they think it attracts young people!


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