Ordinariate Missal on the iPad

Back in seminary, when the iPad was released, I had the idea of making an app of the altar missal for it. Apparantly, I'm not alone in this idea.

So, after the dust settles following the erection of the Ordinariates, and the new missal is released (pray God, based on the English/American ones!), I do hope some young computer geek who's liturgically sound will develop a free app for the iPad. Free, because it will encourage priests to use it due to its accessibility.

What I was thinking was an app that gave one choices upon opening it: which liturgical day (after recommending the proper Calendar day, syncing with the official one for the year of course), what other collects to add (and an easy search button to insert the right ones), optional musical notations, etc. It would be like virtually setting the ribbons. And speaking of accessibility, another key part of the app would be an option for a video teaching aid, walking one through the parts of the mass piece by piece--like Father would do with young seminarians, just without the crankiness.

Or perhaps the Ordinariate app should have a setting option for either a 'regular', "nice" priest to teach it, or the 'Anglo-Catholic' "cranky" priest?

Anyway, I'm all in favor of an iPad missal, as long as the altar guild remembers to charge it, and the parish priest doesn't get out of hand also replacing altar cards:


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