The Tudor Translation of the Roman Canon

Fr John "Patrimony" Hunwicke (I thought I should return the nickname favor he bestows on other worthies) made a comment how his parish of St Thomas uses "on most Sundays the 'Tudor' translation of the Roman Canon authorised for use in the 'Anglican Use' parishes." If he is referring to the Book of Divine Worship, he is doing what I've long argued, which is that English Anglo-Catholics, at the very least need to use it (or the English Missal) on high feast days if not regularly. I'm not saying they should abandon the EF or the OF uses, but certainly there was a loss of some 'patrimony' when Forward in Faith parishes just went to the Roman Rite staight away.  Now I certainly understand the reasons why and am not disagreeing, but what Fr Hunwicke proposes is something I think the Holy Father is getting at in Anglicanorum Coetibus.

I've tried submitting little articles from time to time in the past to New Directions arguing the same thing, but they'd have none of it. I tried a couple of years before Anglicanorum Coetibus was released, and I tried immediately after. Nothing going.  But it is good to see Fr Patrimony picking up with the same idea and running with it!

I hope to see in the new Ordinariate missal--in addition to the two Forms--an English Missal-type version (that correlates with the Extraordinary Form) and a Book of Divine Worship-type, newly translated to be in conformity with the Third Edition of course, that correlates with the Ordinary Form.


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