The Cathedral of the Incarnation, Orlando

Father Catania (he who has yet to post) wisely suggested that we only feature chruches that are (likely) Ordinariate-bound here on Anglican Patrimony.  I think we should also post examples of tasteful Novus Ordo and Latin Mass churches, as we will share in the liturgical life of those "patrimonies" as well.

But I think to start things off, I'd like to highlight a prime example of a traditional American gothic-style Anglican church: The Cathedral of the Incarnation, Orlando. This is a typical example of what one used to think of, when "Episcopal Church" was mentioned.

The church has a flickr account with various photo folders, but the one I'd like to highlight is their Diocesan Synod Mass 2009.

First, notice the thick red carpet. This is a standard feature in many traditional Episcopal/Anglican churches all across America.  It's devastating on the acoustics but lovely on the feet.

Another splendid feature of this church is the carved gothic reredos.  Simple yet tasteful. Does anyone know the kind of wood?

The whitewashed walls are another common feature of many traditional Episcopal/Anglican churches, though not as common as the thick red carpet, as are the kneeling cushions with various old Christian sympbols (of the ye olde English variety).

Gothic chasubles are another common feature of American Anglicanism.  Very few parishes seem to know what to do with fiddlebacks (or Baroque anything) here.  However, most churches that use the 1928 Prayer Book, the Missal, or the Rite I from the 1979 Prayer Book do all tend to use--or be roughly based on--Ritual Notes (some way more and some way less)! There is also an old fondness for the Parson's Handbook.   So the odd combo of a gothic chasuble with a biretta is really not so odd in America.

Have a look at their photo album and let us know what else you observe! I haven't even hit on the interesting bits which I'll leave for your discovery.


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