The Anglican Patrimony

Before attending Nashotah House, I first tried a then little-known gin called Tanqueray Rangpur. It is now my favorite and I've gotten to the point I'll even judge restaurants and pubs on whether they carry it! Sadly, most bartenders say, "Tanqueray what?" when it's requested. I liked it so much, I started the original fan page of it a few years ago on facebook.
But being that I loved this flavor so much, I began experimenting with it in martinis and my own preferance eventually emerged. I didn't have a name for it and decided to name it earlier this year after everyone was talking about how they loved Anglican patrimony, whatever it was. So I decided to name my concoction of a martini (as some of you will no doubt call it!), The Anglican Patrimony. I share it with the brave and the few:


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